What We Offer

DoughRise offers cloud-based online ordering systems to local businesses to make ordering food, easier. 

Who is DoughRise Ideal For?

Restaurants, catering companies, markets / grocery stores, food trucks, personal chefs and other food related businesses.

However, because of our unique "give back" model, we are not able to work with every restaurant. We must focus on restaurants with a demand for carry-out orders, and those who are committed to promoting their online menu. This advances our ultimate goal of improving the community we live in.

What are the Requirements to Qualify?

1) Restaurant must have active to-go business or strive to increase
2) Must link to menu from Google My Business Listing
3) Must link to menu from main website
4) Willing to promote online menu at restaurant via signs, receipts etc.

What Sets DoughRise Above?

We give back to our restaurants and the communities they operate in. 

We donate 25% of our proceeds to local food banks, in the form of gift cards - purchased back from the same restaurants that earned the sales. 

Our philanthropic-based model combined with cutting edge technology, makes partnering with DoughRise an easy decision for local restaurants. We also provide training to teach each owner how to maintain their menu. No technical experience or knowledge is needed.

Most small businesses do not have the budget or technical know-how to get online ordering for their business. They need someone in their area to help them get setup and make it cost efficient to accept orders online. This is where we come in.

The direction the market is heading is clear, and industry experts agree that online orders are expected to surpass offline orders. 

What are the Benefits of Offering Online Menu Ordering?

 Build new & repeat business. Help new customers discover your restaurant, and let them easily order food online via mobile app or any device, so they come back for more.

 Less Time Spent on Phone Orders. An online ordering menu allows employees to focus on the customers in the restaurant. The restaurant does not need a waiter or hostess to be on the phone to take the order. The order can go straight to the kitchen. The restaurant is able to take more orders with fewer staff.

Increased Customer Order Value vs. Phone Orders. Average checks go up 35% with online ordering vs. phone ordering. Customers can take their time browsing your menu, view pictures and descriptions of each option. We can also cross-sell popular complementary items during checkout, which almost never occurs on a phone conversation. 

Increased Order Accuracy Increases vs. Phone Orders. The customer is able to customize their order without errors in communication between the customer and the person taking the order. Incorrect orders are reduced significantly since customers place their own orders online. Special requests and personal names for each dish are easier to notate, ensuring each customer gets exactly what they 

Create a more pleasant customer experience from the beginning. Online ordering is a much more relaxed experience for the customer, without loud noises in the background, or feeling rushed to make a decision. This creates a more positive overall experience; improving the chances of the customer becoming a regular, sharing positive online reviews and good word-of-mouth to friends.

DoughRise Competitive Advantages

Instant Funds. All funds from transactions are instantly sent to the local business’s bank. 

Control. Local businesses have their own logins to maintain their menu.

Pricing. Since we don’t have the overhead expenses of a larger multi-national company (large staff, developers, server costs, etc.) we have the flexibility to charge low percentages per order. On average large online ordering companies charge between 13% – 20% on orders. Small businesses are suffering from these high percentages and need an alternative. DoughRise simply charges a small % to the restaurant and a small % to the customer. Additionally, DR gives back 40% of the combined % back to the restaurant, in the form of purchased gift cards and free advertising. This reduces the out of pocket expense for a restaurant to minimal amounts, creating a huge ROI.

Superior System. In a recent national survey of local businesses who use online ordering services, the top 2 complaints local businesses have is 1) too high of fees (average between 15%-20%) and 2) technical issues related to their ordering site being down and missed orders. DoughRise ensures local businesses do not miss any orders due to system issues. Our technical team monitors the system around the clock to ensure system reliability and stability. We constantly update the software to ensure you provide clients with the most user-friendly software and cutting edge technology

We are a local business. Local businesses prefer to work with other local businesses. They want to be able to reach out to someone right away with and even meet face to face with if necessary. They have the security of knowing we can help them get setup and support them in person if needed. They won’t have to call a support number to talk to someone in another country. Local relationships matter to small and medium size local businesses.

How It Works

How do we charge local businesses?

The only "cost" to the restaurant owner is 2% of all transactions. But here's the fun twist. Instead of collecting this from the restaurant as a cash payment, we receive this payment in the form of GIFT CARDS from each restaurant. In turn, we take the FULL VALUE of these gift cards and donate to a local food charity in the restaurant's name.

For example) For every $100 your customer's spend at your restaurant, you will provide $2 in gift cards to DoughRise, which we will donate.

How does DoughRise stay profitable when donating all of the restaurant fees to charity?

To support operations and ensure our mission remains on track, we charge the customer a 7% transaction charge. On average, this is about $2 per order. This allows us to remain operational and support our main mission of helping local food banks provide better meals to our neighbors. 

If the restaurant would rather pay for some or all of this transaction charge, this can be adjusted, but is not required. The industry average transaction charge for restaurant ordering services is $2.50 per order with an average order value of $30 - which equals 8%. We placed our charge at 7% to stay lower than the industry average. Customers have proven they are happy to pay a small convenience charge when ordering online, to save the trouble of calling in an order or ordering in the restaurant.

How do businesses get paid?

Each business can setup their payment requirements differently, following these options:

A) Pay upon pickup
B) Pre-pay using credit card
C) Combination

When requiring pre-payment, the funds are instantly deposited to the local businesses’ bank account for each transaction. The process is the same if the customer was to swipe their credit card at the physical business location. All financial transactions are handled by our integrated partners Stripe and PayPal credit card processing services.

How do we get paid?

Our Dashboard has an automated Invoicing system. An email with a ‘Pay Now’ link will be generated which connects to an invoice page which details the amount, services, the service dates, etc. The local business fills in their credit card information and submits the payment. 

How do local businesses receive orders?

Once an order is placed the restaurant or retailer receives it immediately. Local businesses can receive orders via:
A) Automated Phone Message
B) Text Message
C) Email
D) Printer
E) Fax
Or a combination.

Multiple phone numbers can also be used, and rules can be set to continue the call sequence until the order is received by the owner, ensuring no orders are missed. 

If your restaurant seems like a good fit, please apply below!