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We save our clients dough. Cutting-edge technology, industry-best rates + a twist of local charity puts DoughRise on another level.

Our clients see an immediate RISE in orders, average order value, and repeat customers; and a DECLINE in staff handling time - by empowering customers to order online from any device. 

To sweeten the pot, DoughRise gives 25% of Gross Profits to local food charities; donated in the form of gift cards purchased back from each restaurant, funneling money BACK to each client.  

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Online Ordering Site
Modern, intuitive, customizable
  • Responsive design looks and works great on every screen and device
  •  Customize the design to match your existing site, or use it as your main website
  •  Build as many additional pages as you want, like a testimonials or about page
  •  Optimized with advanced SEO techniques to help new customers discover you
  •  Free, reliable hosting and ongoing support, at no extra cost
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Marketing Systems
Build Long-Term Customers
  • Send customers coupons or discounts for special occasions or to drive more loyalty
  • Increase your order sizes by automatically recommending relevant items
  • Add Google Analytics to track your web visitors, page-views, trends, orders and sales
  •  Send online surveys to your customers for useful feedback to improve
The DoughRise Package
  •  FREE Online Menu Design & Setup
  •  FREE Hosting & Support
  •  Guaranteed lowest menu management costs
  •  25% of DoughRise Gross Profits donated to local food bank - in the form of Gift Cards purchased back from each restaurant
DoughRise was created with 3 simple goals:
1) Make it easier to order from local restaurants.
2) Improve the local food scene, by increasing restaurant's orders.
3) Make each community a better place, by donating to area food banks & charities.
We are the only (and hopefully first of many) online menu company to donate a large chunk (25%) of our proceeds to local food charities.
There is an abundance of food in our country; yet so many go to bed hungry every night. There is also an abundance of wealth in our country; yet so many companies focus on profit for a few over progress for the masses.
Our solution is to use something everyone loves - food - to redirect (from our profits) to people who need it more than we do.
The DoughRise Donation Pledge
DoughRise will donate 25% of GROSS PROFITS to local food banks - in the community where the food was ordered.
Our donations will occur in the from of GIFT CARDS, purchased directly from the restaurant where the food was ordered.
This creates a multi-win situation.
1) Local Restaurants select DoughRise for their online menu provider, at industry-low rates. 
2) Customers order food from their local restaurants' online menus.
3) 25% of all proceeds go back to the restaurant in the form of purchased GIFT CARDS. The restaurants may voluntarily add an extra contribution. This channels money back into the restaurant, resulting in an even cheaper online menu service.
4) These Gift Cards are donated to local Food Banks, in the very community the restaurant is based. The restaurant may use this as positive PR to promote their business - boosting their reputation in the community and gaining new fans as a result.
This "give-back" relationship keeps more money local, and improves the community by providing quality meals to people who otherwise could not afford them. 
Sometimes, instead of another can of creamed corn, a freshly prepared hot meal can completely turn someone's spirit around.
Re-Gift Card-It Forward Program
DoughRise also promotes a special program to encourage a "re-gifting" of gift cards, that may otherwise go unused.
Millions of dollars in food are wasted every year in the form of unused gift cards, which could be used by hungry people, easing some of the burden on food banks. 
Contact Us to donate your available food-based Gift Cards, and we will send them to a local food bank or welfare distribution center. We charge no fees for this program, with 100% of donations forwarded to charities.
Ready to get started helping your community and your restaurant at the same time?
Apply today to qualify for the DoughRising!
How Do I Qualify?
Because of our unique "give back" model, we are not able to work with every restaurant. We must focus on restaurants with a demand for carry-out orders, and those with a strong commitment to promoting their online menu. This advances our ultimate goal of improving the community we live in.

Key Restaurant Requirements:

1) Must have active to-go business or strive to increase
2) Must link to menu from all online sources, such as Google / Facebook Listing & Website
3) Willing to promote online menu at restaurant via signs, receipts etc.

If your restaurant seems like a good fit, please apply below!

Thanks for your interest in making your community a better place!

Chad Schneider, DoughRise Founder
Have Questions Before Applying? Contact Us.

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